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Using Chess to Help Aging Parents Remain Mentally Active

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Alzheimer's CareThe pain of seeing an aging parent struggle with Alzheimer’s, or some other type of mental deficiency, is all to common these days. With the rising age of the American population, more sons and daughters have to witness their elderly parents demonstrating signs of memory loss. What can be done? Not much, many believe. After all, there is no prescription medicine to cure Alzheimer’s, this thinking goes.

All is not lost. Now, is a good time to think about speaking with a senior care professional about including chess into the daily regime of an elderly parent. The increased mental activity required to play this highly-analytical game can be a benefit to those struggling with memory problems.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a form of deterioration of the brain, resulting in memory loss. Those 65 and older are at the greatest risk of suffering the effects of diminished mental capacity.

Benefits of Playing Chess

The brain is a muscle. As such, it requires regular exercise. People recognize the need to workout in order to stay physically fit. Anyone failing to do a sufficient amount of physical activity finds their bodies given to atrophy, or severe weakness. It becomes harder to use legs, arms or fee, for example. Try going for a long run after years of sitting on a couch eating chocolate cake and the reality that your body has weakened hits home.

Similarly, elderly parents should put their brains through regular workouts. Instead of watching television and gossiping, two activities most people are quite fond of, a few hours of chess would be better.

Research shows that chess, and other mind stimulating games, can help create new brain cells and regenerate connectors given to apathy from infrequent use. The active brain thus becomes stronger, staving off memory loss.

Ways to Play Chess

There are various ways seniors can play chess. These include:

  • With a regular partner
  • As part of a group
  • Online
  • Alone solving chess problems
  • In tournaments
  • With the family

Providing an elderly parent with a subscription to a magazine of complex chess problems is a good low-cost gift. The parent can solve the given situations on their chess board in the comfort of their home or room. No need to have a partner.

Online gaming is another way to get around having to find a partner in the proximity. Instead, just ask an elderly care professional about helping an aging parent locate a gaming site for online chess players.

Get Started Now

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s; nevertheless, regular mental activity is a way to improve the situation. Talking with an elderly care professional about incorporating chess into the daily life of a parent is a wise move. This expert will be able to discern the benefits given the particularities of the individual patient. The most important thing is to do something about memory loss. Moreover, do it with love and compassion.

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