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Madison Levine, Hearing Care Specialist / Owner Licensed in NC

Madison Levine, Hearing Care Specialist / Owner Licensed in NC

Many aging seniors face similar challenges as they grow older. They will likely face diminishing strength, trouble taking care of their basic needs, and may need some type of physical support at home to help them do things they used to take for granted. Another aspect of aging that affects millions of seniors is hearing related challenges.

There are so many fragile components of a person’s ears that may begin to fail as the individual gets older. These failures can make it difficult to hear the television, what people are saying, and even participate in numerous activities. When it comes to elderly care, visiting a hearing specialist is essential, but not all of them will have the same resources that could be incredibly beneficial to seniors.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, one particular hearing care practice recently opened, run by Madison Levine, a second generation hearing specialist. What makes this particular business different, or unique, is not just the fact that Ms. Levine grew up surrounded by these issues and learned a great deal from her mother through the years (her mother owned a hearing care business for 25 years in Georgia) but that she is also tech savvy.

According to Ms. Levine, she learned the best and latest technological advances and innovations “right off the bat.” This has provided her an advantage, an edge, when it comes to her patients and that has allowed seniors throughout south Charlotte better access to some of the latest diagnostic and treatment options available.

Ms. Levine has dedicated herself to providing the widest range of services, along with great customer care and support, to those who have a need for hearing care.

Josh Whitener writes in the article, New hearing care practice opens its doors in south Charlotte, published for The Charlotte Weekly:

“Some of the comprehensive audiological services the business provides include: complete hearing exams; an extensive line of hearing aid brands “to fit any budget;” custom and same-day fittings; financing and payment plans; customized device programming; tinnitus evaluations and treatment; service and cleaning of all brands; and “superior” batteries and accessories, according to a news release.”

Because she operates an independent business, she can focus on the products and services that matter most to her patients. For other seniors around the country, technology continues to provide more and better options when it comes to hearing and other health related care. This business in south Charlotte is a prime example of that.

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