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Should You Provide Care For Your Loved One or Hire a Caregiver?

Live-In Care Charlotte NC: Know The Facts Before You Take on The Role of Becoming a Caregiver

Live-In Care Charlotte NCThere are about as many different reasons why a family member becomes a caregiver for an elderly loved one as there are different types of home care providers across the country. Some of these reasons are honestly legitimate ones. Others are not really enough to justify the person taking on this very important role.

Providing live-in care services for someone requires dedication, understanding, and compassion for the patient. Even though it may be an elderly parent whom you are planning on providing care for, that doesn’t mean you have the right level of compassion for their needs. You certainly care about them and want them to be safe, but having the right level of compassion is something different entirely.

Far too many people end up being a caregiver to a loved one because they feel guilty by not offering. The most common reason that people feel guilty is that they know their mother or father spent a great deal of time, effort, and money raising them and they feel that they need to return the favor. This is patently untrue. People do not have children so that they can raise them up and count on their children when they need assistance as elderly individuals. They raise children so that their children can have a good life and pursue their own interests as far as possible.

The best way to avoid the common trap of feeling guilty that drives you to be a caregiver is to accept the fact that you are not responsible for anybody else’s well-being aside from yourself, your spouse, and especially your own children if you have them. You are not responsible for your parents as they age.

That doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on them when they need assistance. If you know that your aging mother or father requires assistance at home, convince them that hiring a live-in care provder through an agency is the best option. They may not agree with this and may have reservations about having somebody they don’t know coming into their home to care for them.

That is certainly their choice and if they tried to make you feel guilty that you don’t want to be their caregiver, then you need to find a way to resolve this in your own heart and mind.


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Shanele Healy

Caring for others has always been a passion for the owner. She joined the healthcare field while still in high school believing that every health provider had the same intentions at heart. While working as a nurse assistant and a Registered Nurse, Gloria quickly realized that those whom needed us most were being neglected and not receiving the best quality of care they deserved.

Knowing in her heart that families deserved better, she started Caring At Heart in 2008 with two key goals in mind: To provide clients and their families with an experience that was personable, easy, and reassuring and to create a working environment that employees were excited and proud to be a part of.

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