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Innovative Elderly Care: Keeping Your Parents’ Minds Active with a Home-Based Business

Family Caregiver Tips in Charlotte, NC

Family Caregiver TipsFor many adults, getting older means fewer opportunities for stretching their minds and using the skills they worked their entire lives to build. From retirement to reduced socialization opportunities, elder years often mean diminished mental and emotional health. This does not have to be the case, however. By taking the time to make stimulating your parents’ minds and nurturing an active and involved lifestyle a central element of your elderly care plan, you can ensure your older loved ones stay healthy and happy.

Starting and maintaining a home-based business is an innovative and effective way to keep your aging loved ones’ minds active and strong, while also giving them the opportunity to use and enjoy their personal skills. For many retirees, starting a home-based business is a way to turn their lifelong passions and hobbies into a fun, engaging, and potentially profitable venture. Not having to work in a traditional job gives them plenty of time and focus to devote to their business, while working on this business gives them a continued sense of importance and value.

Seniors who have their own businesses enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

• Opportunities for continued social engagement

• Varied mental stimulation, including creating and executing business plans, managing financial aspects, and managing the actual purpose of the business, whether it is creating products or offering services

• Sense of accomplishment and pride

• Ability to share skills and talents with others

• Greater sense of security from supplemental income

Even if your elderly parents are not in need of having a supplemental form of income, the mental and emotional benefits of owning a home-based business are exceptional, making it a meaningful venture for a wide range of seniors. You can also take part in the business, helping them plan and execute elements of the business so they are not overwhelmed, but also to create opportunities for you to spend quality time with them away from your usual elderly care activities.

If your aging loved ones are interested in starting their own home-based business, or you were considering starting a business so your seniors can be a part of it with you, here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose the right venture. The rise of the Internet has made owning a business much easier and more accessible for more people. It has also made it possible to make a business out of a wider variety of skills and talents. Evaluate the hobbies your parents enjoy, especially if you share them, and determine if they could be turned into a business. Crafts, homemade products, and original art are popular forms of Internet-based businesses.

Choose the right platform. Getting your business up and running is as easy as finding the right platform so people know you exist. You may want to start your own website to advertise your services, open an entirely online store to sell homemade products, or get involved with one of the many online sales communities such as Etsy. Evaluate the options and find the one that works with your particular business plan.

Create a business plan. Even if the home-based business is primarily a hobby for your elderly loved ones, it is important to stay organized. Make sure they understand how to handle orders, stay in touch with customers, and even market themselves effectively so they do not become overwhelmed.

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Shanele Healy

Caring for others has always been a passion for the owner. She joined the healthcare field while still in high school believing that every health provider had the same intentions at heart. While working as a nurse assistant and a Registered Nurse, Gloria quickly realized that those whom needed us most were being neglected and not receiving the best quality of care they deserved.

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