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How to Halt Caregiver Burnout in its Tracks!

Senior Care Stress in Charlotte, NC – If You Spot These Red Flags, Try These Strategies for Reducing Stress

Being the carer for an elderly family member can have a spectrum of different effects on you. Everything from fulfillment and satisfaction to fatigue and depression. The effects you feel are greatly dependent on who you are just as much – or more – than who the person is you’re caring for. For example, some people express their caring impulses in different ways than others do. Everyone has a contribution to make but that doesn’t mean everyone’s contributions are equal or that one is better than another. One carer may be able to show compassion naturally and another may have to work harder at it.

Red Flags of Caregiver Burnout

If you find yourself feeling any of the following, you may be overloaded with caregiver stress. These are the red flags or warning signs that tell you it is time to do something to relieve your senior care stress.

  • Your temper is short and you blow up at people without any real cause
  • Little things bother you a lot and you can’t seem to let them go
  • You burn with lingering impatience or resentment
  • You are feeling sad or depressed most of the time and it’s affecting every area of your life. You can’t seem to shrug it off.
  • Your job is suffering
  • Your family feels you are neglecting them

Overcoming Caregiving Stress

  • Listen to your own signals and to messages sent to you by friends and family members. They may all be adding up to one thing: you are stressed
  • Once you know you are in a high stress state, it’s easier to make a plan of how to relieve the stress. Often your solution needs to incorporate taking a break, physical exercise, and social activity
  • Make sure you are always blocking off time for your own self-care. You can’t just ‘fit it in when you have time’ because it will never get done. It needs to be one of the top things on your priority list
  • You need to engage in a variety of activities completely apart from caregiving. They shouldn’t be related at all. For example, going to a movie with friends, taking your child out for lunch, doing yoga 3 times a week, and so on. Combining an activity with caregiving doesn’t count. For example, it doesn’t count if you take your senior loved one along with you to those activities.
  • Guilt is not a helpful emotion. Guilt has no place in your schedule when you’re taking time for yourself to ease your caregiver stress.

Caregiving Strategies

  • These strategies may help you keep stress at bay while being able to remain caregiving for your loved one.
  • Hire a home care service to take care of your loved one a few days a week
  • Decide ahead of time how much you are able to do for your loved one and what you are willing to commit to; remember you aren’t superhuman.
  • Treat yourself to a night out once a week.

If you or your loved one could benefit from the help of home care in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, contact the caregivers at Golden Heart Senior Care. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re in Caring Hands with Golden Heart! Call (704) 246-5806 for more information.

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Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Founder and Co-Owner of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte is hands on with every detail of Golden Heart’s business. Natalie emigrated to the United States from Ukraine. Coming to this country, she did not know a word of English and her and her mother had virtually nothing. Through hard-work and determination as well as through the assistance of social organizations, Natalie learned English, educated herself and grew to be a business owner. It was while working as a caregiver and putting herself through school that Natalie came to love working for, and with, seniors. It was this passion for taking care of others (as well as her past experience where she herself was on the receiving end of help) that led Natalie to always want to open her own home care agency. She takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing quality care to the clients of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. As such, she uses her corporate experience in management to oversee the selection and hiring of caregivers for Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. In addition, Natalie continuously engages with clients to ensure they are more than satisfied with the care they receive and constantly looks for ways to improve herself and her company.