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A Simple Way to Discuss the Sensitive Topic of Home Care with Dad

Home Care Options for Seniors in Charlotte NC

Home Care Options for SeniorsThe topic of home care may be a touchy one. Perhaps your father, in the past, was approached about the prospect of hiring a home care aide and he flat out refused to listen. Maybe the topic was about taking care of your mother, or maybe it was about him. In either case, he refused to even pay attention to what you or anyone else in the family had to say.

It’s a sensitive topic.

A lot of people, as they get older, begin to struggle with their physical capabilities. They don’t want to ask for help, and they may try to do too much, but eventually they realize they have no other option.

That’s when they might call a family member living in the area or a close friend. After a while, though, they realize they may be a burden to this individual or couple of people and keep more things, more concerns, to themselves.

Your father might be a proud individual.

People take a great deal of pride in being able to care for themselves and their loved ones. If your father is suddenly relying on you or somebody else in the family, it can be emotionally overwhelming.

You know that home care would be a great option for him to consider, but every time you bring it up, he gets agitated, defensive, and shuts the conversation down before it can go anywhere.

How can you change this?

The more you know about home care services, the more information you have at your disposal, the easier it will be for you to convince somebody like your father to at least consider the subject.

There may be certain activities your father has given up over the years he would love to be doing again. Some of these activities might be playing golf with friends, going for a walk in the park, or just being able to go shopping without it becoming a major production.

If he no longer pursues any of these activities, that could be a good starting point. “Dad,” you might be able to say, “wouldn’t it be great if you could go and enjoy some time with your friends again?”

He might dismiss the notion, knowing he has no way to get there and he wouldn’t have the physical support because you have a full-time job.

Getting him thinking about these things and then discussing how to make them happen can turn the conversation over to the topic of home care services.


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Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Founder and Co-Owner of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte is hands on with every detail of Golden Heart’s business. Natalie emigrated to the United States from Ukraine. Coming to this country, she did not know a word of English and her and her mother had virtually nothing. Through hard-work and determination as well as through the assistance of social organizations, Natalie learned English, educated herself and grew to be a business owner. It was while working as a caregiver and putting herself through school that Natalie came to love working for, and with, seniors. It was this passion for taking care of others (as well as her past experience where she herself was on the receiving end of help) that led Natalie to always want to open her own home care agency. She takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing quality care to the clients of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. As such, she uses her corporate experience in management to oversee the selection and hiring of caregivers for Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. In addition, Natalie continuously engages with clients to ensure they are more than satisfied with the care they receive and constantly looks for ways to improve herself and her company.