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Bathing, Toileting and Mom: The Best Way to Help You Both Feel More Comfortable

Home Care Options for Seniors in Charlotte NC

Home Care Options for SeniorsYou’ve been helping your mother with things through the years. For all of your life you’ve been close to her, especially as an adult. It’s one of the reasons you moved closer to her and your father, and ever since your father passed away and you noticed her having more difficulty getting things done around the house, you took it upon yourself to provide care for her.

In essence you became a family caregiver for her. In the beginning, things were relatively straightforward and simple. Then it became a little bit more complicated. You noticed her having difficulty getting out of bed sometimes. You questioned whether or not she was showering as frequently as she used to.

You noticed her hair was not quite as clean or full as it once was. Hygiene simply wasn’t up to her usual standards.
That’s when you began to question whether or not she was bathing. Over time, she began to open up and be more honest with you about it. No, she wasn’t showering very often because she had slipped a couple of times and was extremely nervous about getting into and out of the shower by herself. But she didn’t want to ask you for help.

You may not be uncomfortable with the situation if you had to assist her, but she might be. It doesn’t matter whether she is of full sound mind, has Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, or is dealing with other challenges; she may simply be uncomfortable even thinking about relying on you to help her with those very personal, private, and intimate matters.

The best way to help your mother in this situation is to talk about home care as a viable option. A home care aide, somebody who works for an agency, will likely have a great deal of experience supporting other seniors with many of the same things, including showering or bathing, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and much more.

At first, your mother may be wary about hiring a home care aide and having a complete stranger come into her home to help her with those things, but when she’s comfortable with that individual, they have a good rapport, get along well, and she trusts that caregiver, it can make things much easier for her to deal with.

It can also help your relationship with her. Remember, you can still provide support and care for her, but for those more private and personal matters, a home care aide can be a valuable asset.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Charlotte, NC contact Caring at Heart today. Our staff will answer all of your questions about caring for an aging adult. Serving Charlotte, Statesville, Ballantyne, Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews, Concord, Gastonia, Pineville and Indian Trail. CALL TODAY (704) 837-4564.

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