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Home Care Aides Might Pick Up on Subtle Warning Signs About Health Issues for Seniors

Home Care for Seniors in Charlotte NC

If you are helping an elderly family member, maybe it’s your mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, aunt, uncle, sibling, or even your spouse, do you have experience doing this type of work before? Most people don’t. While that may not seem important, experienced home care aides, especially those who have worked with other seniors for many years, can often detect certain subtle warning signs that can seriously impact a person’s health.

Home Care for Seniors in Charlotte NCFor example, your elderly family member may be exhibiting excessive fatigue. This might seem normal to you because of their age, but how do you know, how are you certain it’s not an early symptom of a heart attack, heart disease, stroke, or other serious ailments?

You probably wouldn’t know the difference.

Does that mean a home care aide should be diagnosing certain conditions?

Of course not. Only a licensed medical professional should diagnose health issues. However, if a person in their late 70s or 80s, for example, is having difficulty with their breathing, seems to run out of breath quickly, even just getting up from the chair, they may pass it off as their age, not getting enough sleep, or that they’re fine, they just need a moment.

A family member might be concerned and say something only to have their concerns dismissed.

A home care aide, somebody who has prior experience dealing with these types of situations may be able to reach that elderly client more effectively. That elderly individual may pay attention to their concerns, may listen when they mention some of the warning signs they’ve noticed and how they may connect to something more serious.

Your elderly loved one might not need a great deal of support and care around the house right now, but if they need any, if you have any concerns about their safety, health, or other issues, it’s a good idea to consider a home care aide.

The senior has to agree to this.

You cannot force this upon the elderly individual. You may feel it’s within your right as their adult daughter or son or other family member to make decisions in their best interest, but as long as they have a cogent mind and clear understanding about what’s going on, it should be up to them.

The main focus right now should be helping them stay safe and having somebody there with them who may be in a better position to pick up on some subtle, but potentially serious, warning signs.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Charlotte, NC, please contact the caring staff at BlueDot Cares. Call 704-586-9248.

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Kevin’s passion to inspire independence has helped over 40,000 local families regain independence in the home.It was through helping these families that Kevin identified a gaping hole in the health care sector.People want to recover and age at home and current in-home care options make it hard and inefficient to do so.Families have to piece together providers for the needs of their loved ones.

Kevin founded BlueDot Cares to fix this challenge for families.BlueDot’s family of companies provides a synergy of care allowing loved ones to recover or age where they want to – at home.Families can feel comfort that their loved ones not only have the most supportive and best caregivers; but also, they will have the equipment they need to remain safe at home.

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