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Feeling The Stress of Being a Caregiver? Telephone Support Can Help!

Caregiver Tips Charlotte NC: Feeling The Stress of Being a Caregiver? Telephone Support Can Help!

If you are experiencing any type of caregiver stress, it can affect the quality of care as well as the relationship you have with the patient. Caring for an elderly individual, especially loved one, can be taxing emotionally as well as physically. You may find that talking to your friends or family members about what you are going through may lead to more calls being unanswered and feeling more isolated and alone.

If you have a full-time job on top of being a caregiver, then this can often increase the level of stress that you experience. Finding ways to cope is important and one of those ways is considered telephone support.

Talking to someone helps.

Suicide hotlines have been in use for generations and they have provided an enormous amount of support to a number of people. Even though the people answering the phones don’t know the callers, it doesn’t matter. Having someone there to listen to you can be one of the most important assets to have.

When you are experiencing a tremendous amount of caregiver stress, talking to someone is certainly going to help. If you find that you’re feeling alone and isolated from your friends and other family members, and even your coworkers, telephone support can be a tremendous benefit.

Alleviating pressure.

When we are frustrated and feel overwhelmed and anxious, not having somebody to talk to can exacerbate the situation. We feel suddenly that there are no solutions before us. However, just talking through a problem can help you find the right solution to it.

Telephone-based support programs are increasing across the country. The support systems are designed to help caregivers vent their frustrations and find solutions to common problems. Some of these support networks are manned by experienced caregivers who know exactly what you’re going through. Others are answered by people who simply have a compassion to help others.

If you are a family caregiver and you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, and if you feel that you have nobody to talk to, consider looking into some of these telephone-based support programs. You can ask questions, just talk to somebody, and find other resources that can help you be a better caregiver into the future.

If you feel that it is not feasible for you, make sure that you find a resource that is close to you to help you cope with the caregiver stress you are experiencing.

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Shanele Healy

Caring for others has always been a passion for the owner. She joined the healthcare field while still in high school believing that every health provider had the same intentions at heart. While working as a nurse assistant and a Registered Nurse, Gloria quickly realized that those whom needed us most were being neglected and not receiving the best quality of care they deserved.

Knowing in her heart that families deserved better, she started Caring At Heart in 2008 with two key goals in mind: To provide clients and their families with an experience that was personable, easy, and reassuring and to create a working environment that employees were excited and proud to be a part of.

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