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Dealing with Multiple Medical Issues Makes it Difficult to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Charlotte, NC

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesJohn was hospitalized following a heart attack at 73 years of age. Up until that point in time, he’d never been hospitalized before. He and his wife never really talked about what they would do in a medical emergency situation because they felt that talking about things would bring them to pass.

When his doctor explained that his heart attack was considered relatively mild, it was somewhat of a relief, but he also accepted the reality of the situation; things had forever changed and he needed to focus on improving his overall health, exercise levels, and more.

It was going to take a little bit of time for him to recover from this myocardial infarction, and while his doctor was talking about reducing hospital readmission rates, he was focused on getting back home and getting back into life as usual. The day before he was set to be discharged, John’s doctor came to him to talk about a serious issue.

They had done some tests and determined that he had myeloma, which is a blood cancer. This is a very serious form of cancer that can be treatable under the right circumstances. Suddenly a simple recovery at home became a much more complicated process.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and for people who are dealing with multiple medical issues, whether it was a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, cancer, surgery, slip and fall accident that resulted in injuries, or anything else, when they are contending with two or more issues at the same time, it can make recovery seem less likely and much more complicated.

It’s important to break down these challenges in a much more effective manner. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to focus on the major issues as a priority without neglecting the more minor circumstances. After all, a ‘minor’ heart attack is still a significant issue, but when compared to something like blood cancer, it can feel as though it pales in comparison.

The more health issues a person deals with at any given time, the more the chances they give up increase. No one wants to see their loved one give up on life, so keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the prospects and outlooks is an important step in the process.

One of the best ways to go about dealing with these situations is to talk openly and honestly about the prospects, chances of making a full recovery, and the steps required to make that recovery possible. By talking about things, it allows everyone involved in the situation to feel more connected and more empowered.


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Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Founder and Co-Owner of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte is hands on with every detail of Golden Heart’s business. Natalie emigrated to the United States from Ukraine. Coming to this country, she did not know a word of English and her and her mother had virtually nothing. Through hard-work and determination as well as through the assistance of social organizations, Natalie learned English, educated herself and grew to be a business owner. It was while working as a caregiver and putting herself through school that Natalie came to love working for, and with, seniors. It was this passion for taking care of others (as well as her past experience where she herself was on the receiving end of help) that led Natalie to always want to open her own home care agency. She takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing quality care to the clients of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. As such, she uses her corporate experience in management to oversee the selection and hiring of caregivers for Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. In addition, Natalie continuously engages with clients to ensure they are more than satisfied with the care they receive and constantly looks for ways to improve herself and her company.