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Charlotte Senior Care Tip: Seniors with Pets May Benefit from a Mobile Vet

Senior Care Tip: Pet Care Charlotte

Senior Care Tip: Pet Care Charlotte

Getting the proper level of support and care may be increasingly important for aging seniors. Depending on the particular situation, one elderly individual may require a caregiver, family members helping support them, or even neighbors and friends stopping by on a consistent basis.

Each person’s situation is different, and even though these seniors may be struggling with certain aspects of their basic care, that doesn’t mean they can enjoy the companionship of their beloved furry friends. However, for those seniors struggling with mobility, unable to drive themselves to doctors’ appointments, and other challenges, getting their best friend or purring buddy to its own doctor (the vet) may be a seemingly impractical task.

That may no longer be the case for some, thanks to the Wallburg Mobile Veterinary Service. Started by Dr. Jennifer Harris, this service provides great benefits for pet lovers throughout Davidson County, and is expanding throughout the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina region. The group is also looking to provide these types of services in Raleigh.

There are many benefits to a mobile veterinary clinic and first and foremost it’s to ensure that these pets get the proper level of care they need as well as staying on top of vaccinations.

Throughout the United States there are numerous veterinary clinics that provide free rabies vaccinations throughout the year, understanding how important it is for the health of the animal as well as any people sharing the house with it, but also that the cost can be a deterrent for some.

While this mobile veterinary clinic is available to people of all ages, it can certainly provide benefits for seniors and disabled men and women who either don’t drive, don’t feel comfortable being the wheel any longer, or who are dealing with physical challenges that would make it virtually impractical for them to get a pet of any size to a veterinarian in the first place.

Home care services is an asset for aging seniors and disabled adults that come to their home and support them with many different tasks. A mobile vet would bring the clinic to the senior’s house, allowing them to provide the best care for their furry friends without the struggles that often accompany a trip out in public.

Just because someone has reached a certain age and struggles to accomplish certain tasks doesn’t mean they can’t have a pet. In fact, numerous research studies have shown that pet ownership can actually have a positive influence for one’s health.

Source: The High Point Enterprise article, Mobile veterinary clinic makes house calls, December 10, 2015.


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