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Boost Heart Health for Your Aging Veteran with Some Simple Activities

Help for Aging Veterans in Charlotte, NC – Try these Simple Ideas to Get Your Elderly Veteran’s Heart Rate Up

Happy senior citizen couple dancing together and smilingIt’s not often that we actually think about the health of our heart, at least not until there is a major issue with our health. For the veteran who relies in some type of home care, they may be dealing with a number of physical conditions and limitations.

Depending on the age of the veteran, they may feel as though exercise or any type of physical exertion is actually harmful to their heart health. In truth, it’s just the opposite. Getting exercise will help to elevate the heart rate, causing the heart muscles to get more active and strengthen. Sitting down, laying down, being inactive … these are all things that are potentially harmful to health and well-being.

Encouraging an elderly individual to do certain activities may seem like a tall order. Finding ways to make physical activities fun should be the goal. Somebody who feels as though what they’re doing is a burden is going to be less likely to continue doing it for very long.

Below are a number of simple activities that can benefit elderly veterans and just about anyone else who isn’t getting enough physical exercise at this time. Keep in mind that the elderly client should consult his or her doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen.

Going for a walk after dinner.

The aging veteran might enjoy going for a walk around the block with the caregiver, a family member, a friend, or even a neighbor. No matter what ambulatory challenges they face, a walk can be incredibly beneficial. Relying on a cane, a walker, or some other assistance device to get around is only a minor obstacle. They might not be able to walk as fast as a fully healthy individual, but whatever is best for them is good exercise.


Even if the veteran never danced before in his life, it’s never too late to learn. Even people who are confined to a wheelchair can dance. It’s the movement of the body to music that makes it dancing, not the actual moves they do.

Take a small dog for a walk.

Any dog under 20 pounds could be incredibly beneficial for an aging veteran. Dogs over that 20 pound threshold could pull and cause problems for the senior. Small dogs will love to go for walks and they won’t usually put a lot of strain on the leash. Taking a small dog for a walk on a daily basis can be extremely fun and rewarding.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to help the aging veteran who requires home care get exercise and boost their overall heart health.

If you or your loved one could benefit from the help of veterans home care in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, contact the caregivers at Golden Heart Senior Care. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re in Caring Hands with Golden Heart! Call (704) 246-5806 for more information.

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Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Founder and Co-Owner of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte is hands on with every detail of Golden Heart’s business. Natalie emigrated to the United States from Ukraine. Coming to this country, she did not know a word of English and her and her mother had virtually nothing. Through hard-work and determination as well as through the assistance of social organizations, Natalie learned English, educated herself and grew to be a business owner. It was while working as a caregiver and putting herself through school that Natalie came to love working for, and with, seniors. It was this passion for taking care of others (as well as her past experience where she herself was on the receiving end of help) that led Natalie to always want to open her own home care agency. She takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing quality care to the clients of Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. As such, she uses her corporate experience in management to oversee the selection and hiring of caregivers for Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. In addition, Natalie continuously engages with clients to ensure they are more than satisfied with the care they receive and constantly looks for ways to improve herself and her company.