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BlueDot Medical has provided over 40,000 local families with quality home medical equipment during the last 13 years. Now with BlueDot Cares, we make it even easier for you or your loved ones to stay safe and independent at home.

At BlueDot Cares, our highly trained professionals are experienced in senior care. Our focus is to allow our clients to have a normal life, while giving their loved ones the assurance that they are in great hands. One such way we can help is to keep up with regular activities such as bathing and grooming. Our professionals assist seniors with bathing, shaving, showering, grooming and changing clothes, all from the comfort of their own homes. Having the ability to still do these activities, with a little assistance, helps our clients feel better both mentally and physically. As one could imagine, as limitations progress with seniors, even basic hygiene becomes challenging. Our well trained in-home caregivers can accommodate their clients based on their individual level of need.

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  • Could Your Parent Be in Need of Homecare? October 17, 2017
    When you are a family caregiver for your elderly parent, you will need to make a wide variety of decisions for your senior and for yourself. One of the most important is whether your aging parent would benefit from homecare. Hiring a homecare provider for your parent can be a wonderful way to enhance your… […]
    Kevin Bilderback
  • How Can Dementia Threaten Your Aging Adult’s General Safety? October 11, 2017
    You and your aging adult are likely aware of all the ways that dementia can change her life, but did you know that it can affect her overall safety, too? Paying particular attention to some of these areas can help you to get her the assistance that she needs the most. Her Judgment Is Affected… […]
    Kevin Bilderback
  • Five Flu Vaccine Myths Debunked October 5, 2017
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all people over the age of six months get a flu vaccine. In fact, they especially recommend it for seniors. Yet, many people don’t get flu shots each year because of myths they’ve heard about the vaccine. Because flu shots are so important for seniors,… […]
    Kevin Bilderback
  • Social Worker Appreciation Day October 4, 2017
        Bluedot Cares had the great opportunity of being a diamond sponsor at last weeks Social Worker/Case Manager Appreciation Luncheon. This event honored and celebrated professionals who work with seniors. We appreciated this opportunity to tell social workers and case managers how how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. So many great… […]
    Kevin Bilderback
  • Should Your Dad Undergo a Lung Cancer Screening? September 26, 2017
    The American Association for Thoracic Surgery suggests that seniors in their 70’s may benefit from getting a routine lung cancer screening. This came out after the National Lung Screening Trial found that lung cancer deaths reduced by 20 percent when tomography screenings were used on smokers in the age range of 55 to 75 years.… […]
    Kevin Bilderback
  • How Important Are Whole Grains in Your Parent’s Diet? September 21, 2017
    If you have been to a grocery store or listened to the news recently, you have noticed that whole grains are being heavily emphasized as an important part of everyone’s diet. As a family caregiver, you know that what your parent eats makes a tremendous difference in their health and well-being, and are likely always… […]
    Kevin Bilderback