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BlueDot Medical has provided over 40,000 local families with quality home medical equipment during the last 13 years. Now with BlueDot Cares, we make it even easier for you or your loved ones to stay safe and independent at home.

At BlueDot Cares, our highly trained professionals are experienced in senior care. Our focus is to allow our clients to have a normal life, while giving their loved ones the assurance that they are in great hands. One such way we can help is to keep up with regular activities such as bathing and grooming. Our professionals assist seniors with bathing, shaving, showering, grooming and changing clothes, all from the comfort of their own homes. Having the ability to still do these activities, with a little assistance, helps our clients feel better both mentally and physically. As one could imagine, as limitations progress with seniors, even basic hygiene becomes challenging. Our well trained in-home caregivers can accommodate their clients based on their individual level of need.

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  • What Can You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do? August 14, 2018
    There are going to be times as a caregiver in which you don’t know what to do at all. That’s okay and there are ways to cope. Sit Down and Visualize the Situation Working out Perfectly Sometimes you don’t know what to do, but you know how you want the situation to work out. In […]
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    It’s hard to imagine staying in touch with friends and family nowadays without social media. However, your elderly parents lived their entire lives without it, relying on letters, phone calls and face-to-face visits. They could feel much more connected to their loved ones if they were online, but there are many obstacles they face. With […]
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    One of the first signs that an elderly adult is dealing with memory loss or cognitive functioning decline is often problems with the clothing they are wearing. As their family caregiver, it is important to pay attention to details such as the clothes they wear, the condition of this clothing, and if the clothing is […]
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  • Summer Safety Tips for Seniors July 24, 2018
    Many of us look forward to the summer with anticipation. We’re excited to spend more time outside and expect to be more active than during the cold winter months. But, for seniors, summer brings its own set of warm weather hazards. Keeping seniors safe in the summer requires being vigilant about things like heat, sun, […]
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    If you are responsible for the elderly care of an aging loved one, you might be looking for some new foods and drinks to introduce to them to break up the monotony, or you might even be looking for an all-natural way to help soothe some of their aches and pains. If so, herbal teas […]
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  • How Do You Say No to Your Parents Without Hurting Feelings? July 10, 2018
    Your parents raised you. They did things for you even if money was tight or time was short. You hate telling them no. Yet, there are times when you have to put your foot down. Saying no is hard, but there are ways to do it without hurting their feelings. Explain Why You Have to […]
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