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Reading, Alzheimer’s, and the Benefits of Great Care and Support

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Alzheimer's CareWhen was the last time you were caught reading? It seems in today’s environment, in modern American society, reading is becoming a lost art form in itself. For somebody with Alzheimer’s, getting proper care and staying mentally engaged and active can pay dividends in the years ahead.

May is Get Caught Reading Month and there are many different benefits that reading and other mental activities can have for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It stimulates brain activity.

When you read a book, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or even an instructional pamphlet, it’s engaging the neural networks in the brain. This is stimulating brain activity. It’s firing neurons, neurotransmitters, and increasing chemical production that leads to an improved state of mind.

What it’s also doing is giving the brain some valuable exercise that it needs.

Exercise is incredibly important for brain activity.

The brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle in the body it requires exercise to stay in peak condition. If the brain is not getting proper exercise because the senior is more interested in passive activities, such as watching TV or movies, then the memory loss he or she is experiencing will likely continue to develop at a more rapid pace.

For somebody with Alzheimer’s, the more exercise they give their brain on a daily basis, the more it may help delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss in the future.

It can help alleviate some symptoms of depression.

When a person is depressed or anxious, they may have a tendency to avoid various activities, including reading. However, reading can allow them to escape into a different world, at least for a while. There are hundreds of thousands of books being published every year, both in print and in e-book format.

These tens of thousands of authors that publish a new book every year may just create the perfect story for somebody with Alzheimer’s who is looking to reminisce about their youth, to live in a different time period, or who is looking for a great mystery to try and solve before the final chapters unfold.

Getting invested in a quality story often encourages even more reading. Whether or not the senior lives alone, reading can be a great activity, especially when they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Encouraging somebody to pick up a book and start reading may be difficult, especially if they don’t do this often on their own. With a quality and experienced caregiver, though,

they may have just the right tools and advice to offer that make all the difference to the senior with this form of dementia.

Who knows, getting caught reading this month could be a great deal of fun.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s care in Charlotte, NC contact Caring at Heart today. Our staff will answer all of your questions about caring for an aging adult. Serving Charlotte, Statesville, Ballantyne, Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews, Concord, Gastonia, Pineville and Indian Trail. CALL TODAY (704) 837-4564.

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