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      Avoid the ‘If Only’ Scenario When a Family Member Needs Care

      By Renee Gray | May 14, 2018

      Looking back, are there things you regret? Most of us have regrets, and for those who become family caregivers, those regrets can be difficult to deal with. After all, when an aging parent or other person in the family needs assistance, if they get the best level of care and support right from the start,…

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      Is It Time to Take Away the Keys When Someone’s Diagnosed with Dementia?

      By Renee Gray | April 16, 2018

      One of the first reactions people have when an aging parent or even a spouse has been diagnosed with dementia is to focus on safety. It might seem prudent for some to give up their license to drive, but are they really unsafe behind the wheel? Dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s, is a progressive disease that…

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      What Can You Do When a Parent Is Unsafe but Refuses Help?

      By Renee Gray | March 22, 2018

      It is incredibly frustrating to deal with stubborn people, isn’t it? Parents and teenagers know this all too well. Of course, their parents won’t give them much consolation or sympathy because they were once teenagers themselves and probably quite stubborn. When an adult child, though, is witnessing their aging parent being unsafe because of diminished…

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      What Makes In-Home Care Services the Better Option for Seniors as They Age?

      By Renee Gray | February 19, 2018

      Getting older is not easy. However, it’s inevitable and we deal with the consequences as they arise. Some of those consequences are having to give up activities, visiting with friends, driving, and other things we often take for granted in our younger, or at the very least, our stronger bodies. When seniors have any type…

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      The Benefits of Daily Probiotics

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | January 18, 2018

      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Probiotics are a hot topic in heath care conversations these days, but what exactly is a probiotic and how can it be beneficial to our health?

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      Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | January 16, 2018

      Senior Tips and Ideas: With the New Year upon us, we often like to reflect on the previous year and what we can do to better our upcoming one. How was 2017 for you? Did you spend enough time doing the things you enjoyed? What do you hope to accomplish this year and what are you going to do to make 2018 count? 

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      Beware of Some Contractors When Making Safety Modifications for Seniors

      By Renee Gray | January 11, 2018

      Home modifications may be necessary for people as they get older to improve safety. When seniors begin slowing down, it’s often the result of diminished strength. By the time a person reaches 40, it becomes more difficult for them to exercise, maintain the same stamina they had in their 20s or 30s, add muscle, and…

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      An Aging Parent Living with You Can Cause Caregiver Stress, Too

      By Renee Gray | December 18, 2017

      Alex had always thought his mother should move in with him and his wife. Their children were grown and had their own careers. One of them was about to have their first child, so Alex and his wife Sarah were about to be grandparents. They were still working full time, but planning for retirement. They…

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